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Events for July 28, 2019

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July 13 - 28
(Saturday and Sunday)

The 39 Steps

Time: Saturday @ 7:30 PM, Sunday @ 2 PM

Price: Students $12, Adults $25

Where: Cloverdale Performing Arts Center

Address: 209 N. Cloverdale Blvd., Cloverdale CA 95425

Adapted by Patrick Barlow From the Novel by John Buchan From the Movie by Alfred Hitchcock Licensed by ITV Global Entertainment Limited An original concept by Nobby Dimon and Simon Corble ? An ordinary man seeking relief from boredom decides to go to the theater, but he gets more than a play! He is catapulted into an extraordinary adventure after meeting a woman who claims to be a spy. She pulls him into a murder, a train chase and a plane crash, plus a nationwide man-hunt—and those are only some of the riotous happenings in this laugh-out-loud farce! A great comedy for everyone but a must-see for Hitchcock fans. ? Suggested audience high school and older--mild adult themes and strong language. Students $12 Adults $25 ? Produced by Cloverdale Performing Arts Center ? Directed by Yavé Guzman ? Generously sponsored by Reuser Industrial Park

Contact: Linda Freeth

Phone: 4087220019



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