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Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce 

Mission Statement 

“The Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce is the community’s leader to promote a favorable business environment, improve the quality of life and stimulate a vibrant economy, project a positive image for the City of Cloverdale and support orderly growth for our city.”


2018 / 2019 Directors

Neena Hanchett 
Chamber Director & Board Member

Savanah Hemphill 
Associate Director 

Ron Pavelka - Board President 
Jenness Brewer - Director & Vice President
Kelley Voss - Director & Secretary 
Ramiro Rodriguez - Director & Treasurer
Amy Schaefers - Director
Kathleen Kelley Young - Director 
Tedi Spain- Director  
Erin Mewes- Director 

Board members pictured left to right are: Jenness Brewer, Peter Rosson, Neena Hanchett,Kelley Voss, Ron Pavelka, Administrative Assistant Savanah Hemphill, Kathleen Kelley Young, Student Liaison Eden Winniford, Amy Schaefers and Ramiro Rodriguez. Not pictured: Student Liaison Julie Edwards